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Extensive Selection

Lubins offers the most comprehensive selection of boys dress clothing in the area.  We carry every size available in the market for boys and young men including regulars, slims and huskys.


Shatnez Testing

We offer to have our suits Shatnez tested for our religious customer who require such a service.

Special Sizes

Lubins offers the widest variety of sizes including slim and husky sizes to ensure each suit fits as it’s meant to.

Inclusive Tailoring

Lubin’s offers custom tailoring inclusive with the purchase of any new apparel. Our mission is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the way they look for their special occassion.

Our Partner

In 2008 we joined forces with Rothman’s to bring our customers the best in both mens and boys apparel. Our successful partnership is based on both our long family-owned history as well as a belief in exceptional customer service. Rothman’s is one of the largest independent, men’s multi- brand stores in the country offering exceptional quality and on-trend clothing to their customers.

For more information, visit their website:

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